Training Solutions

Design and Training are Essential to Success

While mentoring is a program’s most precious resource, less than 40% of programs provide any training and fewer than 20% train participants on best practices.   Program satisfaction among all participants is spotty at best without training and management.

Program Designers & Administrators

Generate actionable program activities to implement in programs.  Topics covered are:  reviewing success factors from research, assessing program strengths and weaknesses, setting program goals and objectives, identifying ideas and actions to strengthen your program including mentor screening and recruitment.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Get a framework to develop and sustain strong mentoring relationships that often make the difference between project success or failure.  Learn why mentoring is essential, why mentors help, differences between advisors and coaches, how mindset affects coachability, and strategies and tactics for working with mentors.

Mentors, Coaches & Advisors

Develop an approach to maximize your efforts, learning and satisfaction in coaching and mentoring innovators and entrepreneurs. Topics include why training is important, mindset, ethics and process, strategy, tactics and best practices including trust and relationship building, fostering leadership, innovation assessment, goal setting and man-aging for success, and  developing your innovation coaching practice.