Training Solutions

Practical and Collaborative Training is Essential to Success

EFN has trained more than 2,000 professionals including entrepreneurs, industry professionals, students and university professors and staff. EFN trainers regularly give standalone training sessions through our Webinar Series and also for clients and partners.

Our Topics include innovation and legal topics, intellectual property protection, innovator coaching, project development and funding, pitching and communications, grant writing, entrepreneurial program development and management, and training sessions on specific technology topics such as energy and water.

Program Designers & Administrators

Generate actionable program activities to implement in entrepreneurial and innovation programs.  Topics covered are:  reviewing success factors from research, assessing program strengths and weaknesses, setting program goals and objectives, identifying ideas and actions to strengthen your program including leveraging open innovation and external resources.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Whether on fundraising /grant development, communications or other topics, our trainers provide a framework and resources to help innovators continue to develop their talents.  All workshops feature guest entrepreneurs and offer followup collaboration using EFN Online.

Mentors, Advisors & Professionals

Develop an approach to maximize your efforts to work with innovators.  Topics include mindset, ethics and process, strategy, tactics and best practices including trust and relationship building, fostering leadership, innovation assessment, goal setting and managing for success, and  developing your innovation coaching practice.