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Learn more about three of our featured projects to advance mentoring and entrepreneurship.

What Our Partners and Entrepreneurs Say About EFN

“Since 2013, we have partnered with EFN to deliver a very high quality mentoring program to students worldwide competing in the Rice Business Plan Competition, the World’s largest student startup competition.”
Brad Burke
Managing Director, Rice Alliance & Executive Director, Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers
“Mentors are where the magic happens at Techstars. Mentoring is the backbone of our accelerator programs and EFN is the expert at designing mentor programs that make this same magic happen for entrepreneurs and their mentors across the U.S.”
Ted Serbinski
Managing Director, Techstars Mobility, Detroit
“Strong mentoring is a critical factor for entrepreneurial success. EFN and its 500 mentors are extremely valuable to the success of entrepreneurs across the country by helping organizations develop their capacity to deliver quality mentoring.”
Bill Reichert
Co-Founder, Garage Technology Ventures, Silicon Valley
”EFN’ mentored us when we were students at Stanford in 2006. We’re now enabling over 1 million people to upgrade from kerosene to solar light every month! I feel really privileged to have a chance to work with EFN and their mentors even to this day.”
Ned Tozen
Co-Founder, Dlight Designs, Silicon Valley

Training Solutions

EFN has trained more than 2,000 professionals including entrepreneurs, industry professionals, students and university professors and staff. EFN trainers regularly give standalone training sessions through our Webinar Series and also for clients and partners.

Our Topics include innovation and legal topics, intellectual property protection, innovator coaching, project development and funding, pitching and communications, grant writing, entrepreneurial program development and management, and training sessions on specific technology topics such as energy and water. 

Find out more about EFN’s trainings here.


EFN’s mentoring programs are designed to meet the specific needs of an organization. Our fully Managed Mentor-Based Program is designed for large or complex programs that would benefit from our full suite of solutions and EFN coordinating the program in partnership with the organization. Customized Programs are particularly tailored for organizations that have an existing mentoring program but seek support in specific areas such as expanding their ecosystem and training. For those organizations looking to strengthen and expand their ecosystem, our EFN Network Membership Program provides a mentor pool drawn from our nationwide Network of more than 500 mentors. 

Find out more about EFN’s mentoring programs here.