About Us

EFN is a global non-profit based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals worldwide to tap the power of entrepreneurial mentoring, networks and training. EFN provides entrepreneurial program development and management, training, research and entrepreneurial ecosystem development services. EFN has served more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and has over 500 mentors located on every continent.

EFN was founded in 2003 at UC Berkeley in “The Startup Company” (E110), an undergraduate mentor-based engineering course where students developed and prototyped products and business models.  Over the years, this course produced over 100 funded startups. The mentoring focus of this course inspired our founders who served as class mentors and lecturers, and 20 mentors to start EFN.

Over the years, EFN has developed deep insight on how and why mentors and entrepreneurs develop thriving relationships and how to develop high impact founders. Today, EFN is a worldwide leader helping universities, accelerators and other organizations build their capacity to design and deliver outstanding mentoring programs.  Learn about our board and advisors.