High Quality Mentoring is Hard, but Essential to your Program.  Let EFN Help You Succeed

EFN’s mentoring programs are designed to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Managed Mentor-Based Programs

Our fully managed mentor-based program is designed for large or complex programs that would benefit from our full suite of solutions and EFN coordinating the program in partnership with the organization.  This solution is designed for a large local program or nationwide or global competitions or  accelerators.

Customized Mentor Programs

Customized programs are particularly tailored for organizations that have an existing mentoring program but seek support in specific areas such as expanding their ecosystem and training.  Organizations may chose from our design, software, training and EFN Network Membership solutions.

EFN Network Membership

For those organizations looking to strengthen and expand their ecosystem, our EFN Network Membership program provides a mentor pool drawn from our nationwide Network of more than 500 mentors.  EFN fills specific requirements for mentors by type and background.

Client Testimonials

Our surveys show that the teams in the Rice Business Plan Competition from the World’s top universities place a very high value on the managed mentoring program that EFN provides. 

Brad Burke
Managing director, rice alliance for technology and entrepreneurship

“EFN connects our teams to mentors that bring perspective and insight from their own markets. EFN complements our strong Michigan based mentors with mentors and subject matter experts from around the U.S.”

David Brophy
dirctor, center for venture capital & private equiity,  university of michigan
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