For international clients, EFN provides training, managed mentoring and access to the Silicon Valley and other regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

EFN has helped develop and supported international programs since 2004 when we began serving as a  mentoring partner for the Global Social Venture Competition and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Challenge sponsored by the Gates Foundation.

Since then we have led international training and mentoring programs for the African Entrepreneurship Award which is managed by the Bank of Africa, the Indian School of Business and regional international competitions that nominate finalists for our Princeton Tiger Launch and Rice Business Plan Competition programs.

EFN has coached and mentored more than 300 international startup teams, several of which have won international competitions and developed venture funding.

Worldwide EFN has more than 500 mentors including on all major continents. In 2021, EFN partnered with the State of Queensland, Australia, to launch a women’s entrepreneur mentoring program, Empower Queensland, funded by the U.S State Department, via their Australian Embassy.  

For universities, local and national governments, and companies who send startup teams and delegations to the United States, EFN can arrange entrepreneurial tour and study programs in the Detroit, Houston, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle as well as other cities. We will arrange meetings and tours with universities, economic development agencies, companies, investors and mentors in each region.