American-Made Challenges

EFN provides outreach to recruit competitors and inform interested organizations about the American Made Challenges (AMC) program and prizes, provide support and mentorship to prize teams, and improve engagement of the Network and identify new industry partners to support AMC prize programs.

Prizes and competitions are in emerging fields critical to America’s energy future such as solar, geothermal, energy storage and advanced building technologies.

To date we have supported geothermal, robotics, solar, water and inclusive innovation programs and prizes.

The U.S. Department of Energy launched the AMC to incentivize the nation’s entrepreneurs to strengthen American leadership in energy innovation and domestic manufacturing. 

The American-Made Network amplifies competitors’ efforts by connecting them with resources including laboratories, incubators, investors, philanthropists, experts, and industry leaders. Through this program, the competitors receive technical insight, expertise, validation and other mentoring support.

EFN is a Power Connector in this program and will help use our large network and experience to connect teams with mentors and give additional support throughout the process.