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Entrepreneur Futures Network (EFN) is an international nonprofit based in California that is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals tap the power of open entrepreneurial and innovation resources. We provide entrepreneurial program development, management and collaboration platforms, and training on several topics including mentoring and coaching, pitching and grant writing. Since our launch in 2003, we have served more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, over 100 universities, 40 accelerators, and has the privilege to have over 500 mentors. 

In September 2021, EFN partnered with the State of Queensland, Australia, to launch a women’s entrepreneur mentoring program funded by the U.S State Department, via their Australian Embassy.  

This program fits within the Queensland Government’s $755 million “Advance Queensland” initiative, which is designed to transform the Queensland economy through innovation, turning ideas into new products and services, strengthening and diversifying the State’s economy and creating jobs. This program supports Advance Queensland objectives and provides an invaluable opportunity that complements their Female Founders Programs. 

Our world-class mentoring program helps founders make their start-ups stronger, better, and more equipped to fundraise and excel in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Throughout the 4 month program, Australian women entrepreneurs were matched with an American business women mentor. Founders met with their mentors, attended workshops and cohort check-ins, and completed a variety of deliverables. 

The program concluded with a final in-person showcase in Brisbane on September 1st, 2022. A recording of the event is available here. 

Empower Queensland Graduates, photo courtesy of Advance Queensland

Meet the Founders

Meet the 21 Founders in the 2022 Empower Queensland Cohort! Click on a profile to learn more.

Meet the Mentors

Thank you to our incredible mentors for supporting this program.