Empower Queensland

Queensland Government

Innovation and entrepreneurship are major priorities for the Queensland Government.  The Queensland Government’s $755 million “Advance Queensland” initiative is designed to transform the Queensland economy through innovation, turning ideas into new products and services, strengthening and diversifying the State’s economy and creating jobs. 

In September 2021, EFN partnered with the State of Queensland, Australia, to launch a women’s entrepreneur mentoring program funded by the U.S State Department, via their Australian Embassy.  

This program will mentor 45 women over six months, pairing them with American women mentors. 

The mentoring program supports Advance Queensland objectives and provides an invaluable opportunity that complements the Female Founders Programs.

According to Thomas Jensen, EFN’s founder, “EFN is thrilled to have an opportunity to partner with the State of Queensland and the U.S State Department to help empower women entrepreneurs in their endeavors and to build stronger bridges between Australian and U.S business people.”

Our mentoring program will help founders make their start-ups stronger, better, more equipped to fundraise and excel in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

To join us as an Empower Queensland Mentor or entrepreneur, complete an application below by May 23rd. Questions? Email Cassie at ccoravos@entrepreneurfutures.org