Mentoring FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions and our answers that mentors, founders and students ask about our mentoring programs and the EFN Network.   EFN has a network of over 500 mentors.

To become a new mentor, please apply.

       1. When do mentoring programs occur?   

Typically in the spring from February through April.  Our University of Michigan program is in the fall from early September through mid-December.  Our summer iCatalysts Accelerator program runs from mid-June through mid-August.

       2. What is the duration of a mentoring assignment?

This varies by program.   Spring and summer programs are 1-2 months.  The Michigan program is 3 months.

       3. Approximately, how many hours should mentors plan for in an assignment?

Approximately one to two hours per week.  Most programs involve 4-8 hours in total.

      4. What tools are used to facilitate team and mentor collaboration?

EFN Online is a collaborative platform that allows easy messaging for all team members and mentors.  The platform has 500 members including many of EFN’s mentors.   iCatalysts teams can set up team groups to securely collaborate and share documents among the team and mentors.

      5. How are mentors and teams expected to work together?

Mentors are expected to work together consistent with EFN’s Mentor Guidelines and teams with EFN’s Entrepreneurs/Mentee Guidelines

They use a variety of EFN tools and frameworks including our Venture Assessment Tool to help plan and execute their work together.

They establish mutual commitments for their work together.  A mentoring relationship is a formal commitment for both mentor and mentees.  We take this very seriously.   A brief, simple, informal written agreement (in an email or document) is recommended.

      6. How are mentors and team members matched?

Team members can view profiles of mentors on EFN Online and message them to invite them to a call to discuss working together.  They match on mutual agreement.

     7. Are mentors compensated?

People accepted into EFN’s mentor network agree to volunteer to mentor entrepreneurs and students during a specific EFN program.